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The Nagler Group is the leading Administrative and Human Resource Staffing firm in New England.  Thousands of job seeking professionals have experienced the benefit of our long established relationships with the top employers across New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Our disciplined regional focus and deep, long-term client relationships offer access to temporary and direct-hire job opportunities that can't be found with other staffing firms.  Our Recruiting Managers are experts in the local market and will work with you to manage expectations and find opportunities that are financially and professionally rewarding.  Throughout your experience with The Nagler Group you can expect the following:


Temporary Jobs

We are constantly seeking administrative and human resource professionals to assist with our clients' constantly increasing temporary hiring needs.  The duration of the temporary jobs that we staff ranges anywhere from a couple of days to over a year and often convert to full time positions.  All temporary positions are fully qualified and offer consistent weekly compensation.  You'll come to enjoy honesty and transparency in your Nagler Group experience.  


Direct-Hire Jobs

As a full service staffing firm, we also provide direct-hire opportunities.  When your Recruiting Manager presents you with a direct-hire opportunity you can expect all of the details.  Our staff meets with and surveys our clients' office space and will also provide you with applicable benefits information and a prospective career roadmap.  A full time job decision is critical and involves more than your title and salary.


Single Point of Contact

We firmly believe that offering you a single point of contact is the best way to ensure your interests are properly represented.  Your Nagler Group Recruiting Manager is your partner in your job search.  Not only will you expect to learn about new openings but you will also expect access to sound market intelligence, networking opportunities, and advice.


Managed Expectations

Aside of our finding you the right job, the single most important service we can provide is managing expectations.  Our expertise on the local employment market, compensation trends, and general business pulse can help you understand what expectations are realistic.